Twin Hamlets


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released August 22, 2014



all rights reserved


YR LAD Charleston, South Carolina

Yr Lad’s aesthetic is a unique, life affirming wall of sound that strikes an unlikely but graceful compromise between Picadilly, Southern rock, dreamscape and British New Wave. Marchman-Jones and company experiment with structure and timing while remaining impeccably poppy and haunting. ... more

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Track Name: Twin Hamlets
Once, on my travels, I alighted unwary
On twin hamlets bankrupt and choking on dust
Where threadbare phantoms sealed dead stationary
And clung fast to mailboxes crippled with rust

And there I did sleep
in the warmth of ghosts
glamoured by the breath of my kind.

Days passed, and fortnights, in the depth of my respite
through far-flung crevasses of spectral delight.
Till I arose, bowing, scraping, and desperate,
Maddened by the coal-eyes of every wan wight.

And you sang to me
Through holy fire
And dragged me up
To that cemetery hill
From the valley when I believed
I could not get any higher

Lady, you tend the boneyard so gravely
And walk the deer trails so lamely.
Holy, however tightly you hold me,
In the fullness of heartsblood.

I searched in shadow, in pursuit of my hallow
By cobblestone arteries pin-pricked with sun
My reflection in swamp-glass was fetid and sallow
gesturing feebly toward whence I had come.

I sucked in the blade
(Far colder than bone),
Raptured by by the highwayman's slang.

And you spoke to me
With smoldering ardor,
And pushed me vaguely
Into the ditch
From the highway when I believed
I could not fall any harder.